Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So so, how's my Shanghai?

I am kind of doubtful that there are still people who read my blog. Not to mention "Read", I don't even think that anyone would ever clicked to browsed my long abandoned blog at all!

Regardless with near to zero readers, I decided to at least come out with something about Shanghai at least since I have been here for almost half a year.

Well well well, first and foremost, 1 thing that has been pretty absolute is that I LOVE SHANGHAI! Till now, I still LOVE SHANGHAI!! Haha... I remembered people calling me "Cinapek" or whatsoever. You know what, I feel great here. I love my chinese friends a lot! I love life here even though sometimes I really craze for companionship. I love the weather here which is giving me so many options for fashion. I love food here where you kind of have constant doubt on what to eat.

Shanghai is great! But that doesn't mean that I am giving up on me being a Malaysian. I still speak Manglish off and on. I drink white coffee almost everyday. haha. I tell people about Malaysia a lot and kind of luring everyone to travel there. Haha.

The development here is incredibly rapid. It's like in a flip of eyes you see extra buildings around you. First time I came here was 2007, there were like merely 4 lines of metro. Currently, I think they are building their 15th metro line. Glad to mention that 1 of the lines is merely beside where I am staying now.

Shanghai Expo is around the corner. The government lives for it! Expo is like a force that pushes everything in Shanghai to the limit.

I had some really good times and bad times here. This is life, things have to compromise between good and bad.

Till then,
Good or bad, my Shanghai is full of surprises~

Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been wandering around for some time.
I discovered stories about people, and life.
I was astonished about so many hidden stories behind the ordinary people.
Just like me, we have several stories.
Sometimes, there are just some chapters that we refuse to reveal.
These complicated stories are sometimes so unbelievable.
You don't really know somebody until they show you these chapters.
So, do you know me???

Monday, May 25, 2009

Because I care...

I see beauties...
Tempting beauties...
They make me feel unsecured...
They make me feel sad...
They even make me feel desperate...

No matter how,
whether I cry,
whether I ask,
I will never be them in your eyes.

I hope the value that I have in you
is deeply beyond those that make me cry.
Because I care...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bye bye Adolescence

I guess I have failed my fellow blog readers, profoundly.
If blogs are to be addressed as our mansions, I think mine will be called an abandoned castle.
After all, you know me, Miki. She disappears and appears out of no reasons from time to time.
People have yelled at me for that reason a lot.

Adolescence seems like history to anyone out there of my age.
But I guess I have been reluctant to forgo.
Everyone likes being young when they are given the keys to fly by their own.
But when you are up in the air flying high for too long, you hope to stop and just land from where you begun.
You can't coz' there's no more space to accommodate you in that land.
So, whether you like it or not, you have to continue to soar high.

At the age of 22, I have to say,
"Bye bye Adolescence!"
"Hello, hard times!"

If you know what I mean,
I have been living in a state of crap for months.
It's time for me to spread my wings even harder,
and say Goodbye to old times.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Had A Dream

I had a dream last night. Bad dream.

Not inspired, but terrified.

Maybe it was my attitude.
I remembered I was half way through my research notes.

They had a meeting.
No, we had a meeting.
I saw all my group members for the shoot.
Some seemed friendly, some seemed not.
The friendly ones did not smile to me not even for a second.
I sensed pressure. I sensed danger.

The meeting ended, but I could not hear what they has discussed.
I was putting on a bitter face.
All a sudden everyone started starring at me.
I saw people pointing at me.
They were obviously very unhappy with me.
Some liked me and wanted to help me but in vain.
I was terrified.

Then, I could start hearing their voices.
'Miki will be eliminated, afterwards!'
It was stressful.
I felt like what the Survivor felt in the reality show.
It's like waiting to be chopped in the tribal council yet you can no longer save yourself.
I started weeping, yelling.
I did not know why I lost control.
I ran to those I was close with.
They lowered their heads with disappointment.
I yelled at one of them,
"I was doing my job last night! I really was doing!
I read them in detailed and I scaled them out!
I did my job!
It's almost finished!
Wait for a while! Just Wait for a little while more!"
I knew they wanted so much to help me, yet they could not do anything.
I was devastated.
I had no idea what to do at all.
I dashed straight to the head of the group,
starring at him in tears.
I yelled at him,
"I tried! I tried so hard!
What do you do this to me?
How can you do this to me?!"
He answered,
"You're no longer useful.
You're no longer powerful."

I broke down,
knowing that I would have to work alone after that.
I wanted so much to be in the group.
I did not wanna quit at all!
I saw no hope.

I was awake.

I was terrified, truly terrified.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Don't Wanna Be A Loser!

Why? Why do I feel like a LOSER now???
Why can't I do anything?
Why everything just seems like a failure?

I don't wanna be a loser!
I wanna win!
but why nothing seems to lead me to victory?

Weeping for being a loser sucks!
I can't find what I find.
I can't get what I get.
I can't even try what I try!
When will you come to me?
When will I escape from all these?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not much time available to be spent for esteeming, especially professional artworks that sometimes seem lame.
However, good for boosting creativity.
At least, there were some efforts.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do I look Creepy?

I like the effect I did in fact...
Do I look creepy though? professional?
Hahaha... My experiment...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Man =/= Monkey

Just watched a documentary like a couple of minutes ago. Inspired. Truly inspired.

I remember in those times when I started grabbing my Science textbook in schools, there are always these initial topic that we are compulsory to learn.
That is the Evolutionary Theory.
Basically, it is all about living creatures emerged through transitions of each other on earth and the the theory was initiated by Charles Darwin.

From what I learned in school last time...
1st... We were from a piece of protein or something.
2nd... It turned into creatures that can swim and lived underwater.
3rd... Fishes didn't want to swim anymore and they started crawling to the land.
4th...These creatures wanted to conquer even the sky so they flied and they had more space to move.
5th... Animals that laid eggs suddenly turned into animals that bore babies.
6th... Crawling animals slowly gave up crawling and started walking and climbed trees.
7th... Monkeys instantly became clever after picking up animals that were being burned and had their first BBQ.
8th... These ' Monkeys' then began to get hold of everything and called themselves 'Human'.

I believed it. Why? Coz' teachers said so and the scientists said so. Even in exams we had to answer these questions and assumed everything was true. Or else it would turn out to be wrong if did not assume these as TRUE.
Well, we were kids and there are still kids in school and these assumptions are still being included in textbooks as scientific facts while majority of the facts are dismissed by Evolutionists themselves.

Cut it short. There are actually a numbers of reasons that Evolutionary Theory still being defended.

1.Human cannot accept the fact that all living creatures are created differently with their very unique functions and features by God.
  • People just cannot take the fact that things can be so perfectly created without any self adjustment.

2. Propaganda led the Evolutionary Theory to a paradigm shift by manipulating people to believe that the Theory is the ultimate truth.
  • For there are no other scientific theory that was emitted to explain the origin of human, people were confident with Darwin's Theory and assumed everything he said was true.
  • Hence, the Theory was taken as a scientific fact that shift people's mindset to think that Evolution is ultimate truth of the origin of human.
3. Drawings, and even films on the Theory that seems so vivid has also been used in explaining the Theory as it looked like it really happened.
  • As the Theory spread around as a fact, drawings and moving pictures appeared all around the media from magazines , to books, to documentary and even films.
  • Bear in mind that those pictures are merely IMAGINATION of scientists and it is the skills of producing the pictures that manipulating into believing it is true.

4. Historical skeletons, scarps of creatures that were being researched and observed were all given the texture merely through the imaginations of evolutionists.
  • From the documentary I watched just a while ago, it has been shown that a scarp of an ancient monkey was given three different types of textures.
  • If an extincted creature is being researched on its appearance and functionality, the researcher can actually fill the skeletons based on all his of her IMAGINATION.
  • Some evolutionists actually proved and acknowledged that the differences of the scarps and skeletons between several kinds of ancient apes can be found in the differences of modern human itself as different races contain different structures.
  • Moreover, there are tons of different races existed in the world nowadays. How would you know if the researchers had merely got the scarps of the human that its race differed from the researchers itself. (Of course they will think it is not their kind!)
It seems so hard for human to believe that all living creatures on earth are created perfectly and differently by God. The truth is that no matter how hard scientists tried to encounter the similarities in terms of biology between creatures, there are still many specific features that are so unique and inexplainable came in contrast with the Evolutionary Theory that had assumed that creatures were transited from each other.

Man are man, we are not monkeys!
Man are so much different from monkeys as God has created us in priority.

Pls:# A Journal to share
Dr Matthew C. Ogilvie - "New Evolutionary Theory and Catholic Theology"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

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